Polar Voices will debut in 2014 as a series of programs scheduled for release through 2017.

Journey to the polar regions; the arctic tundra, coastline and oceans, the Antarctic ice cap and the Southern Ocean. Travel with glaciologists to Greenland and Baffin Island, track changes in our arctic environments with scientists, and indigenous peoples. Learn how sea level rise might change your life. From Alaska to McMurdo Station and around the world, begin an epic radio adventure.

Polar Voices is an adventure radio series that explores climate change at the poles through the voices of the people who study, live and work there. The programs immerse audiences in the polar environments through a synthesis of radio drama and documentary.

These fully produced programs include layers of multilingual voice acting, ambient sound, and a creatively introduced array of climate change topics. Listeners meet scientists and northern residents who are working together to better understand and respond to climate change in the arctic, and scientists devoted to explaining the scope, scale, nature, and impacts of climate change conducted in the Antarctic.

Each episode is supported by multimedia web-based companion material that provides detailed yet accessible information on the relevant science, extended interviews with the individuals and communities involved.

Organization Name:

International Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Project Lead:
Maribeth S. Murray

UA Museum of the North:
Roger Topp, Head of Exhibits and Digital Media Production
Kelsey Gobroski, Digital Media Producer
Theresa Bakker, Marketing and Communications Manager

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